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Hidden Bangkok Canal Tour

One of my passions is boats and canals. During my youth in the UK, my parents often took us on canal boat holidays during the summer. So, even today, even though I don’t as yet own a boat (one day maybe), I love exploring the canals and doing boat tours whenever I can. So, I was really happy when the guys at Hidden Bangkok Tours invited me to do a boat tour on the Thonburi side of the river.

In the days before the long-tailed boats, these slower boats were the way you got around. From a tour point of view I found it much better as they are slower, quieter and the tour guide doesn’t have to shout. Our tour started in the Wat Nak Klang Community on Khlong Mon. It is in Bangkok Noi district. This is actually a really nice community with some good street art. There’s no doubt that the highlight of the two hour boat tour on the canal was passing the giant Buddha statue at Wat Paknam. But it was also great to observe canal life. Many of these houses have no road access. So they come and go by boat. Including deliveries.

If you are interested in going on a boat tour, you can contact them through their Facebook or Instagram pages.


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